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Dec 20

Questions to ask your waste management provider

Until you find yourself in a position where you require the services of a waste management company, it’s not really something that you’d know to much about. It’s easy to think that we can just throw our waste away…and that’s that! But there’s so much more to it. With a corporate, moral and environmental responsibility, you need to rely on experts in this area to ensure that your waste is removed correctly, without causing further damage to our planet.

A reliable waste management provider will have the right resources and skills to do a professional and environmentally sustainable job.

We’ve come up with 5 introduction questions, that are useful as a guideline when initially contacting a waste management provider:

1. Where do I start?
To start, you want to get a quote for the job. Everyone needs to know where they stand from the get go. Companies issue quotes in very different ways, depending on the companies style of business. Usually the company website will provide contact details, however, if you contact the company by phone, you’ll be able to discuss the full details of the job requirements and it will give the company the opportunity to ask any specific questions or raise any concerns. You’ll most probably get an accurate quote within minutes, as opposed to waiting on several emails to go back and forth.

2. Does the size of my project matter?
All waste management companies run different operations. The size of your job can determine whether or not some waste management providers will have the capacity to provide the right services to you. Smaller providers might not have a big enough fleet size or enough resources to offer you. Some may also have to utilise their whole operation for larger jobs and would require advanced notice. Being clear about the scale of you job, at the initial enquiry stage, will avoid complications further down the line.

3. Is the company accredited?
It’s important to know that the provider you consider is fully compliant in the manner of which it handles it’s waste. Environmental legislation and waste management legalities must always be adhered to. You want to know that your company offers services which are safe and responsible.
Ask the provider about their accreditations, all respectable companies will have no problem sharing this information with you and in fact, should be shouting about their recognition from the rooftops.

4. What happens to my waste?
If your investing in a company to remove your waste in and environmentally friendly manner, you want to know full details about the type of service they’re providing. Ask the company outright, how they treat the waste they remove? If your adhering to your environmental responsibilities in hiring a reputable company, you want to make sure that their actions marry yours. Again, any decent company will be happy to inform you about the great work they are doing.

5. Do I have to have an account?
This will depend entirely on the amount of work your require. If your only wanting to use the companies services for one quick job, then it’s good to know if the company provides services for ad hoc jobs, without setting up an account. If your job is likely to be ongoing, or a repeat job, then opening an account with the company will save you time and money in the future. Either way, it’s good to know all of your options available from the start.

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