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Recycled Materials Overview

The concept of recycling soils, brick, concrete and stone from the importation of construction and demolition waste, and by segregating, recycling or treating we are able to regain and reuse the constituent elements of these previously land filled resources.

Our recycled materials have gained wide acceptance, in large part, because of our dedication to quality control and our attention to gradation and consistency. The UK is fortunate in having an abundant supply of primary aggregates that can be sourced from numerous sites, however, there is growing pressure on the industry to move towards more sustainable construction methods and reduce the consumption of primary aggregates by switching to recycled or secondary aggregates.

Increasingly, owners, developers, government agencies, architects and engineers are taking the initiative to specify the use recycled materials in the construction of buildings and other infrastructure projects. Our recycled aggregates can play an important part in supporting these environmental initiatives and have considerable sustainable and economic advantages

When producing the aggregates through either our washing plant or by dry screening and crushing, we follow the WRAP Protocol Guidelines, all of our products are regularly tested to ensure they meet the standards required and are a suitable, environmentally friendly alternative to primary products.

All testing is carried out independently and in accordance with the requirements of the protocol.

We consider ourselves to be at the forefront of the Construction Recycling Industry, capable of fulfilling any enquiry offering a comprehensive range of aggregates & landscaping products.

Our materials are already being used by major construction companies and builders for house building, road and rail works, drainage, landscaping and garden design.

We can supply your project with a wide variety of recycled aggregates including.

  • Topsoils
  • Subsoils
  • Puddling Clay
  • 10mm Clean Stone
  • 14mm Clean Stone
  • 20mm Clean Stone
  • 40mm (Type B) Clean Stone
  • 80mm Clean Stone
  • Type 1 Sub base
  • 6F2

Collect or Deliver

All materials are available either for collection from our premises in Rumney, Cardiff, or in bulk delivery by our modern fleet of 8 wheel tippers

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